Teaching sophomores + juniors this semester has been a fun experience. I really enjoy getting into the creative process with students—providing insight + guidance, but also observing as they develop their ideas + methods to problem solving.

In compiling grades for midterms, I snapped a few shots of one student's embroidery work on her project. In the spirit of keeping Austin weird, she embroidered colorful cacti + assembled a torn watercolor collage for her final piece. I love the direction she took, and the final piece was beautifully crafted.

Since then, I've seen a lovely array of embroidered designs pop up on the web, including Maricor/Maricar. Not only is their work stunning, but I love that they capture the process on their blog. Depending on the direction, the process varies. Truly fascinating!

From sketching to watercolor to embroidery, Macho Distrust from start to finish...

How great are these patterned letters? You can even commission your own initials. What a great housewarming gift :)

Certainly keeping Maricor/Maricar on my radar.

[images via maricor/maricar]


Courtney Elizabeth said...

love the combination of vibrant colors and script in the first one!

Leslie said...

Ooh wow..amazing! Thanks for sharing this!