top pops.

One of my current design crushes, Kelli Anderson, recently shared this popsicle truck she designed. Dating a food truck foodie not to mention my love for sweets + good design, I couldn't resist sharing this fun truck. Take a look at the before and after—from standard mail truck to a top pop-mobile...

 I absolutely love all the infographics + little details Kelli put into the design.

How great is that pop-out sign?

What an inventive, new, and yummy way to promote solar energy! So clever. No more nasty truck fumes while you read and wait for tasty treats [courtesy of Good Pop—yum!].

For a full 360ยบ of the truck, check out this video of the truck in action or stay up to date on their whereabouts (to a Sungevity city near you!) via Twitter.

Since D's obsession + the launch of several DC trucks, I've been dying to design a food truck identity. Hopefully one of these days the right client will come along with a dream project like this one :)

[design + images via kelli anderson; project led by jason anello for sungevity]


Aaron Adams said...

Let's not forget about the build team from Rob Ida Concepts that put hundreds of hours into a project that had never been done before to much success.

r's adventures said...

wow, the before and after looks stunning!